About AndiMac Candy Shack

The AndiMac Candy Shack, located in downtown Mansfield, specializes in retro candy, bulk candy and candy bouquets.


What's something exciting 

From “penny candy” to childhood favorites to high-end Belgian chocolates, you’ll find a wide variety of candies to enjoy and share.

Inside this 1200-square-foot magical candyland, you’ll find favorites from bygone days, such as Abba Zaba, Big Hunk, Charleston Chews and Zotz. You’ll also find current day favorites, including Divine, Belgian chocolates and more than 70 different kinds of taffy.

About The Owner

Andrea (Andi) McMillin's candy career began almost three decades ago when she worked part-time for a bakery and candy shop, creating custom gift baskets and bouquets.

 She and her family of 6 (4 kids and her husband “Mac”) moved to Mansfield in 2002, and for the past 10 years, she has been creating candy bouquets and party candy bars for friends, family, schools and more.  

 What inspired Andi to open her own shop? “You know the expression ‘I feel like a kid in a candy store?’ Well, I get to be in a candy store every day now and bring that magic and happiness to others,” she says.